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Klairs - Toner Mate 2-In-1 Cotton Pad - 120 pcs


Klairs - Toner Mate 2-In-1 Cotton Pad
Tonic Nourishing Cotton Pad

With these cotton pads, which are available in two varieties in a box to maximize the effect of Klairs tonic, maximize moisturization while minimizing product waste!

Product Highlights

› New one-step soft exfoliation
› 100% cotton pads compressed 5 times
› Clearing irritating substances from the skin surface
› Increasing moistening, reducing product waste

Skin type: Ideal for all skin types.
Expiry date: For single use.

Compressed cotton pads: Specially prepared for Klairs tonic, 100% cotton pads compressed 5 times using the hydrogel method for a soft and smooth skin. It cleans the substances that cause irritation from the skin surface and exfoliates the skin. Use these cotton pads before switching to other skin care products to ensure they are better absorbed.

Sponge pad: Increase the moistening, decrease the amount. These pads prepared with airlaid deliver the moisture at full rate when applied to the skin by absorbing the tonic like a sponge, but not fully absorbing it. Instead of wiping your face with these pads, do massage movements to soothe your irritated skin.

How to use

1. After cleaning your face, wet the Compressed Cotton Pads with Klairs tonic and wipe your face with these pads to remove any material that irritates your skin.
2. Then soak the Sponge Cotton Pads with a little toner and lightly massage them to absorb them into your skin.


Compressed Cotton Pad: 100% cotton Sponge Cotton Pad: Pulp/Rayon Blend

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